c Total Sample Preparation Solution(extraction + sample clean-up + evaporation) all in one economical package
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Rapid Sample Prep Seminar for POPs

In conjunction with the Dioxin Conference
Sunday August 17, 2008
Birmingham, England    

Rapid Sample Prep Seminar Topics:
• What the lab of the future looks like. 
• What challenges exist in running a testing lab.
• How to become a lab champion with automation.
• How you befit from automation.
• What challenges you fneace when implementing automation.
• How to bring the future to your lab today.
Keynote Speaker > Donald G. Patterson Jr.
Internationally known senior  scientist with over 30 years of experience implementing rapid automation at CDC

On Display at the FMS, Our new total sample preparation solution which includes:

Total-Prep = Extraction + Sample Clean-up + Concentration
all in one economical package!

To view video presentations     CLICK HERE                            
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